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What is Conversational Fundraising™?

Shaped by decades of experiences in the trenches of philanthropic work, Conversational Fundraising™ is a proven method of comfortably and effectively engaging donors in the gift solicitation process. Rather than setting up a typical fundraising confrontation, nonprofit professionals and volunteers employ the natural tool of conversation to cultivate and request gifts. Together they learn to climb the "10 Step Staircase", asking for donations only after the prospective donor is fully prepared to make a well informed decision.

The Institute for Conversational Fundraising™ provides individual and group training, enabling organizations to raise more money by effectively conducting one-on-one gift solicitations.

Since 2001, our trademark approach has equipped hundreds of NPO leaders to better serve their organizations and has helped scores of nonprofits raise millions of dollars. Now, through the Institute for Conversational Fundraising™, we are making this breakthrough approach available to a much broader audience at a more affordable price point.

Kent Stroman

Kent Stroman, regarded as America's ASKing Coach, is a talented speaker insightful advisor, effective communicator and author of Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising, a groundbreaking guide for securing major gifts. Kent's purpose in life is to Equip, Inspire and Encourage and he accomplishes this through speaking, writing, teaching, consulting and coaching.

Stroman's career spans over 35 years of service in the philanthropic sector including higher education and private consulting in Fundraising, Board Governance, Strategic Planning and Leadership Development. He holds numerous credentials including Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). He is a frequent speaker and presenter to regional, national and international audiences.


Kathy Fox brings over 30 years of professional experience specializing in capacity building, fundraising, management, leadership and training. She has earned a Master's Degree in Human Relations with an emphasis on Leadership and Organization Development. Kathy's passion for excellence and for helping nonprofit organizations achieve their goals has led her to serve on numerous boards and committees, bringing active involvement and sage advice to those organizations fortunate enough to attract her attention.

In addition to her community role as a consultant, fundraiser and teacher, Kathy has been a guest speaker at numerous civic groups, schools and businesses.

Training Client Testimonials
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Client Testimonials

Kent is awesome at creating a dynamic learning environment that engages, inspires and equips people to achieve fundraising success! I appreciate your investment in me and Heroes on the Water to develop and carry out a thoughtful major gifts strategy that will reap benefits for our nation’s warriors, their families and communities for years to come. Thank you both for everything...it was a fantastic few days together that has set the foundation for a successful future! My next step is meeting tomorrow with Jim Dolan, Executive Director and Founder of Heroes on the Water. He is eager to learn and begin utilizing the ASKing about Asking model. Anyone who is involved in fundraising for a non-profit would extremely benefit from attending the two day academy.

Hilanne Myers, Director of Marketing, Heroes on the Water