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The Asking Academy™ consists of three phases spanning 5 months:

1 Preparation: Specific prep work completed during the month preceding The Summit

2 The Summit: 2 days together for interactive, hands-on training, equipping and coaching

3 Implementation: 4 months of follow-up to mentor team members and monitor the fundraising success


The in-depth training and coaching occurs during the 2-day Summit. Key topics include:

Day 1

  • The philosophy of Conversational Fundraising™
  • Seeking bigger gifts — a.k.a fully funding your mission
  • Building the "Ask" — how to prepare a fundable proposal
  • Climbing the 10 Step Staircase — How to ask strategic questions so you can listen for strategic answers
  • Getting in — how to actually secure appointments with busy, focused funders
  • Linkage — why your Call Team is important and how to select the right players
  • Defining the "Why" — putting a name and face on your unique mission
  • Getting personal — creating specific written solicitation plans for your prospects
  • Dialogue with America's ASKing Coach

Day 2

  • Planning: The first step in success — Win it on paper
  • Practice makes perfect — Role play with your solicitation team
  • Getting un-stuck: Identifying obstacles to successful one-on-one major gift solicitations and overcoming them
  • Ready, Set, GO! Countdown to your 15-day fundraising sprint
  • Sharing the Wealth — How to transfer Conversational Fundraising™ practices to other volunteers and staff members
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Client Testimonials

Puts practices that we believe in into sesable chunks that people can absorb and practice each of the steps with partnering and role playing so that you get a real feel for how to overcome some of the issues that people have asking for gifts for non-profits. Benefits any organization of any size that has to do fundraising.

Sue Stohlmann, Principal, excellerate! LLC